Sami Yusuf - Wherever You Are | Acoustic - Arabic

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Watch Sami`s Official YouTube playlist Buy album now on iTunes SYO Store Listen to samples from the album: For more information visit: Follow Sami Yusuf on: Shot in California, Wherever You Are is a masterfully composed single, sung in three different languages, English, Farsi and Arabic. Like its predecessors, Wherever You Are holds a special charm and splendor. Credits: Music by Sami Yusuf English words by Sami Yusuf Arabic words by Abdul Rahman Yusuf Produced by Sami Yusuf LYRICS: Wherever You Are (Acoustic -Arabic) My best times Were when I felt close to you But everything fell apart The moment I strayed from you In each smile In every single sigh Every minute detail Traces of you are found there Wherever you are I`ll find you Cause you`re the one I turn to Wherever you be I`ll be with you Cause you`re the one my heart is to I need you (Arabic) Zamanul-ghareeb qaleelu-ssakan The time of the stranger sees [less a peaceful] dwelling Wa laylul-waheed katheeru-shajan And the night of the lonely is filled with sobbing Wa haiyythu takoon, sawfa aati Wherever you are i`ll (be) find you Li`anaka anta ikhtiyyaru hayati `Cause you are the will of my life Wa haiyythu tureed wujoodi yajoodu Wherever you are, my existence is found fa`nta kalami inda sukati For you are my words when i`m silent Ya raja`i O my hope Wa haiyythu takoon Wherever you are Wa haiyythu tureed Wherever you desire, i will go Ilaiyyka taseeru-dduroob To you the pathways flee Wa antal-ba`eedul-qareeb You are far but close Wa antal-ghareebul-habeeb You are the stranger and the beloved Ara feeka noor annahar I see in you the light of the day Haneenan li ta`mi-ddiyyar Longing for that sense of home Haiyythu takoon Wherever you are Wa anta shifahun tuneeru layali You`re the light that brightens the nights Ka`anaka ibtisamul-watan As if you were the smile of the land Wa anta jamalun ala baiyyti shi`rin And you are the beauty in a poem Yuradiduhu-nnasu abra-zzaman That mankind sings throughout time Ala kalimatin minka dhaba ightirabi A word from you soothed my exile Wa ansa bisawtika kulla adhabi With your voice i forget my anguish Wa haiyythuma takoon Wherever you are #SamiYusuf #AndanteRecords © 2015 Andante Records. All rights reserved